Empire Flooring Commercial – In Your Home

In this short Commercial spot from the 1980′s The Empire Carpet Man (Lynn Hauldren) speaks on the benefits of Empire Today, being able to choose your carpet where you use your carpet. Right in your home!

Empire Carpet Commercial – What A Deal

This commercial for Empire Carpet originally aired in 1989, as the company started expanding outside of the Chicago Market the 312 area code was appended to Empire Today’s famous 588-2300 phone number.

Empire Today Commercial – Stain Safe Carpeting

In this short Commercial Spot The Empire Carpet Man demonstrates how easily Stain Safe carpeting cleans up from Wine Spills and also lets the audience know that Empire Today can deliver and install it next day.

Empire Today Commercial – Incredible

This commercial airing in the mid 1980′s showcased Empires Stain Free Carpet and Next Day Installation.

Empire Flooring Commercial – Pick a Carpet

Empire makes ordering Carpet Easy! Pick Your Carpet, Pick Your Payment and then Pick Your Free Gift!

Empire Flooring Commercial – Keep Warm

One of the earlier commercials from the 1980′s. Many people believed that Lynn Hauldren who portrayed The Empire Carpet Man in the commercials owned the company. Hauldren however did not, but he did spend decades playing the Popular Empire Carpet … Continue reading

Empire Today Commercial – Carpet Guy

This commercial which aired in The Chicago area in the 1980′s featured the famous Empire Carpet Guy character as portrayed by Lynn Hauldren.

Empire Today Commercial – Gorgeous Carpet

In the late 1980′s Empire Carpet introduced the Empire Today, Carpet Tomorrow promotion advertising carpet delivered the next day.

Empire Today Commercial – A Free Jim McMahon Football

Before expanding nationally as Empire Today, Empire Carpet serviced The Chicago region. During this popular promotion Empire Carpet was giving away a free Jim McMahon (Super Bowl winning Quarterback of the 1985 Chicago Bears) Football with every order.

Empire Flooring Commercial – Holiday Gift

During this short 12 second spot for the Holiday’s The Empire Carpet Man (Lynn Hauldren) promotes Empire’s famous promotion of Empire Today, Carpet Tomorrow.