Dupont Stainmaster Carpet

In this short Commercial spot airing in the 1980′s The Empire Carpet Man lets you know he is the guy to call to get your Dupont Stainmaster Carpet Installed next day.

Empire Carpet Commercial with Three Empire Carpet Guys

Airing in the 1980′s this Empire Carpet Commercial had so many deals to offer that it required Three Empire Carpet Men!

Empire Carpet Commercial – New Carpet Under The Tree, No Payments Until Spring

The following Empire Today Carpet Commercial aired during the Holiday Season in the 1980′s. The Empire Carpet Man informs the audience

Empire Today Commercial – Yesterday

This short Empire Today Commercial aired in the late 1980′s. The Empire Carpet Man promotes Empire Today’s next day installation by asking “If you got carpet Today, you must have called us yesterday”

Empire Today Commercial – Carpet Next Day

In this commercial for Empire Carpet (now known as Empire Today) The Empire Carpet Guy asks what would be nicer than carpet next day? How about no payments Until February!

Empire Today Commercial -Trivia

Airing in the mid 1980′s The Empire Carpet man showcases some trivia on why you should call Empire Today if you are in the pursuit of Carpeting.

Empire Flooring Commercial – Best Place

In this commercial from the 1980′s The Empire Carpet Man tells you about the best place to buy carpet, Right in your home!

Empire Flooring Commercial – We make $6.95 look small

In this commercial featuring the Empire Carpet Man he explains the value Empire Today provides for $6.95 a yard. Installation and Padding is included plus your choice of a Bissell Rug Shampooer or Zoom Broom Sweeper!

Empire Carpet Commercial – Empire Carpet, We’re Good

This older Empire Carpet commercial from the 1980′s features a seldom heard version of the famous 588-2300 Empire Jingle.

Empire Carpet Commercial – Piano Jingle

Have you forgot the number? In this commercial The Empire Carpet Man plays the famous jingle on piano.