Empire Carpet Is Stain Safe And Great For Dogs

This classic commercial short aired in the early 1980′s. It features the Empire Carpet Man filling you in on Empire Carpet’s great Stainmaster Carpet while two dogs run through a living room, demonstrating the durability and pet-resistant features of the … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – No Installment Payments Until 1986!

This Empire Today Commercial Classic aired in 1985. It promoted the sale at that time, New Carpet Now and No Installation Payments Until 1986..

Empire Carpet – No Place To Put The Stainmaster Carpet? Put It On Sale!!

This Classic Commercial from Empire Today Aired in the early 1980′s and it features the long time spokes person for Empire today The Empire Carpet Man.

Empire Carpet – Free Credit For 6 Months

This Empire Today commercial classic aired in the early 1980′s. It features the long standing Empire Carpet spokes person Lynn Hauldren more famously referred to as the Empire Carpet Man.

Empire Today Ad – Don’t Wait, Call Now

“How can empire today deliver quality carpet next day when other places take weeks or even months to deliver?” Well find out the answer by watching this great Empire Today commercial classic featuring The Empire Carpet Man.

Empire Carpet – Best Deals In Town

This commercial airing in the 1970′s featured The Empire Carpet Man in the Empire Today warehouse explaining how at $6.95 a yard installed that Empire Carpet is the best value in town. If you look closely you will see a … Continue reading

Empire Today – Anso Y Worry-Free Carpet Tomorrow

This creative commercial short was aired in the mid 1980′s and features Empire Today’s famous Empire Carpet man. The commercial features Anso Y Worry-Free carpet that Empire Today could install the very next day for customers. To learn more about the … Continue reading

Empire Today – Every 20 Seconds

In this early 1980′s Empire Today commercial classic, The Empire Carpet Man states “Every 20 seconds someone calls for Empire Carpet!”

Empire Carpet – Warehouse Clearance Sale

Empire Today often referred to as Empire Carpet aired this commercial short in the early 1970′s. In it The Empire Carpet Man fills you in on the Warehouse Clearance Sale that was going on.

Empire Today – DuPont StainMaster Carpet

Empire Today often referred to as Empire Carpet aired this commercial in the 1980′s. It featured The Empire Carpet Man stating that the real beauty of Dupont Stainmaster Carpet is the peace of mind that it provides.