$5.95 for Brand-Name Carpeting – Dynamite Sale

In this classic 1984 commercial video, the advertisement opened viewers’ eyes with a fantastic Empire dynamite sale of quality brand name carpeting for an amazing $5.95 per square yard. As noted in this vintage video, it was a per-yard price … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – 1983 Hat Story

In this charming 1983 video, the Empire man tells The Hat Story, a tale with a twist. The Hat Story is about a young man who bought a captain’s hat and a row boat. He then proudly told his parents … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Stop Shopping Around

In this vintage 1983 Empire video, the Empire man advises the audience that there is no real reason to waste all the time that other companies ask you to spend. Company XYZ will ask you to check all their competition … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Don’t Be a Marching Toy

In this delightful 1983 TV commercial, the Empire Carpet man gives the audience great advice with the added assistance of a whimsical toy. He aptly demonstrates how the marching toy illustrates the normal pattern for carpet shopping with other stores. … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – You’re Going Out To Buy Carpeting?

In this 30-year-old video, the Empire man illustrates how Empire was still way ahead of other carpeting companies. Customers could find quality carpeting without the unnecessary need to travel. In addition, Empire was giving away a brand new Bissell floor … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Stuck in the Shelves

In this amusing video from 1985, the Empire man is in a pickle. Having gotten stuck up on a shelf in the warehouse, he asked the warehouse crew when he could expect to be taken down. The reply was not … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Avoid that Turtle Express

Featured in 1984, this delightfully charming vintage video introduced the viewer to the Slow Sam’s Turtle Express. Aptly illustrating the competitors’ standard slow-as-a-turtle delivery, the Empire man made it clear that you simply couldn’t beat Empire’s 72-hour guarantee. Within 72 … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Free T-Shirt with Free Estimate

Featured in 1984, this video shows a concerned Empire Man. Empire is offering a free T-shirt with each free in-home estimate. He was convinced that Empire was crazy for making the offer. It’s a fun, delightful video, and the iconic … Continue reading

Empire Carpet’s First Ever 2-for-1 Sale

First shown in 1995, this clever video used a double shot of the Empire Man to illustrate their first-ever two-for-one sale. It offered 2 yards of crush-resistant carpeting with a twice-the-value for half-the-price sale. Samples could be seen in your … Continue reading

Empire Carpet – Dress Up Your Home for the Holidays

From the vintage vaults comes this festive 1993 video reminding viewers that dressing up the home for the holidays might also require dressing up the floors. Offering a full 20-percent to 60-percent-off Empire’s bestselling carpets, this was an amazing Christmas … Continue reading